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The Myths of Automotive Service Writing #1

April – The Myths of Service Writing Watch Myths of Service Writing videos for help increasing sales, survey scores and retention in service departments!

The Myths of Writing Service

Throughout the month of April, I will be introducing videos about the Myths of Writing Service.

Dealerships Lose Service Departments in Record Numbers

“Dealerships Lose Service Departments in Record Numbers” “Manufacturers Cut Mega Parts Deal with Aftermarket Suppliers” This could be a headline from the future – the very near future. I see the same stats that everyone else sees and has seen for years regarding service departments at automotive dealerships.  For years these numbers at best have been stagnate…

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#MondayMotivation Quick Tips “Generating More Income”

Quick Tips for increasing sales, motivation, leadership, management, and life in general. #MondayMotivation

Rule 20

Rules of Salesmanship #20

Rule 19

Rules of Salesmanship #19

Rule 18

Rules of Salesmanship #18

Rule 17

Rules of Salesmanship #17

Rule 16

Rules of Salesmanship #16

Rule 15

Rules of Salesmanship #15

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