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The Fixed Ops Training

You Need to Succeed

Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk will give you all the Fixed Ops tools you need to maximize every opportunity you have every day allowing you to become the absolute best Service Advisor can be.

Your Automotive Service Department Needs a Tune-up

Operating an automotive organization, no matter the size is a challenge. Aside from finding the right employees, you need to maximize every opportunity with every customer. Whether these customers visit your business for service, parts, or sales, you need to make sure they come back time and time again.

Success is rarely an overnight affair, but our proprietary fixed operations training can and will work for your automotive organization to ensure long-term, sustainable returns. With a focus on improving your service offerings from customer service, proper upsales, Service Advisor, Service Manager training and more you will increase return customers and revenue.


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The Winning in
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    About Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk

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    Training & Workshops

    Aside from being in business for more than 36 years, Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk has a deep understanding of how automotive service centers operate and what it takes for them to reach the next level of success. The secret to growth is investing in your fixed ops team. From Customer Service training through Service Advisors and Managers; improve your customer’s experience and make more money.

    Between our strategic partnerships, accreditations, and ability to work with service centers around the world; Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk has the tools and resources to push your business to maximize its potential.

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    Write Service and Write Your Own Paycheck. Make $100,000 per year with no degree.

    Become the most wanted and sought-after service advisor anywhere.

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    How We Help You Get Maximum Results

    The services offered by Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk come in various forms, allowing service centers to pick and choose what they need from our automotive service training.

    You can attend one of Jeff’s world-class automotive service workshops to learn how to effectively communicate with your customers, set realistic expectations, close sales, handle objections, get perfect survey scores and more.

    Find the Success You’ve Been Searching for

    We also provide express services training, instant advisor training, BDC training, and manager training among other areas.

    Our team also offers two-day Service Advisor workshops, half-day meetings, 60 to 90-minute keynote speeches, and two to three-hour meetings to best meet the needs of your business. We offer our clients complete training for entire fixed operations teams or just a portion of it. It all depends on the area of need your business has.

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    Service Department & Advisor Sales Training that Helps Employees Reach their Maximum Potential

    No hard sell tactics. No pushing, twisting of arms or dishonesty. Instead, we show you and your team how to work with customers in such a way, that not only do most say yes to what they are offered on the spot, but they return to you for years to come for all their service needs on all their vehicles.

    • Write Your Own Paycheck Video Training Series.
    • Online Virtual Training.
    • In-Store, On the Drive Training.
    • Selling Service Advisor Pocket Guide.
    • Private/Public Winning in Service Workshops.

    Have Jeff Cowan, The Creator Of The Modern Day Walk-Around And Selling Processes For Service Departments And Service Centers Everywhere, lead your team to success.

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