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3 Ways an Automotive Sales Advisor Seminar Can Supercharge Your Sales

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again – if you are a dealership or service center stakeholder, and you are not converting at least 70 percent of potential customers into sales revenue, regardless of the size of your business, then you are selling yourself short. So, how can we say something so bold with such certainty? Because at Pro Talk, we know what it takes to get past that 70 percent threshold. With over 30 years of doing business in the trenches of thousands of service centers nationally, our expert field trainers have spent countless hours alongside service employees as they work with real customers in live situations, and they’ve seen the results firsthand.Here are three major ways that employing one of our proprietary sales and service advisor seminars can leverage your existing talent and personnel and further enhance their ability to close more deals.

Boost Automotive Sales

No dealership can top its competition with service or accessory sales alone. Without a doubt, many of the most profitable sales at a dealership come from auto sales. The training programs and workshops available through Pro Talk are specially curated to help your personnel master the art of auto sales with field-tested tools and techniques that augment communication skills, social cues, and place customer service at the forefront of every interaction.

Enhance Service Opportunities

Time and time again we hear about missed service opportunities due to under-trained staff and personnel. Jeff’s seminars are curated with these individuals in mind, helping them become not only more knowledgeable and artful in their sales skill, but likewise motivated, prepared, and “work-minded” day in and day out. Our seminars achieve this by providing techniques, word tracks, and processes that instantly deliver results. They place focus on your staff’s daily routines, how they prepare themselves for work, and the attitudes they bring, adjusting and fortifying them as needed through role-playing, active learning, and hands-on coaching.

Increase Customer Retention Rates and Brand Loyalty

Let’s be clear – as important as providing a quality service or product is, that alone is not enough to guarantee a customer will return. For that, your team will need to provide a quality product and show they have the knowledge, attitude, and skills to get people walking through your doors time and time again. We know the value of building a loyal customer base, of optimizing each customer transaction for both efficiency and diligence, which is why our Pro Talk seminars include specific techniques designed to raise customer retention by 80%. Additionally, each seminar is loaded with insider tips on how to receive perfect customer survey scores every time.

Maximize Revenue With Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk

The bottom line is this – using Pro Talk is a proven way to easily and effectively pass Service Advisor sales skills directly to your service staff. By leveraging research-based and experientially proven sales knowledge collected over years of experience working in service centers across North America, Jeff Cowan’s On-Site Training is an excellent strategy to secure the best competitive advantage available for your service drive. To learn how you can take your sales to the next level, call us at 800-248-2931 or complete our online contact form.


Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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