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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer online training?

A – Yes we do! As a matter of fact, we have the latest up to date content available in the market place. We are also the only company in this part of the industry that has an online training manager that is available to help you with training plans. We also have more users than anyone else because of that. Click here to learn more.

Do you offer only private/public workshops?

A – we offer both public and private workshops. They are offered in several different formats and lengths. There are a variety of topics that can be and are presented. The Pro Talk workshops have long been considered the absolute best workshop of their type. Click here to find out more about our workshops.

Who teaches the Pro Talk workshops?

A – Jeff Cowan teaches every live workshop, public or private. Jeff makes it his goal to make every workshop he presents the best one that he has ever done. He is manic about the content, presentation and preparation that goes into every event regardless of where it is being held or how many are attending. Click here to learn more about Jeff’s workshops.

If we sign up for your in-store on the drive training, does Jeff come or another trainer?

A – Jeff will send one of his expert trainers. Each expert trainer has an average of 30 years of real life experience as a service advisor, service manager and or fixed operations director. In addition, collectively, the Pro Talk expert trainers have been on over 4,000 service drives. They are generally considered the best in the business at what they do. Click here to find out more about our in-store training.

Do you really get the results that you advertise and get them as fast as you say you do?

A – Absolutely! Keep in mind that these are average increases, meaning sometimes we get slightly less and sometimes we get substantially more. It depends on what we uncover once we arrive to your business. To learn more about our on-site training click here.

Is Jeff’s hair really as nice as it looks in his video’s?

A – It sure is. Jeff takes great care and pride in his appearance and spends at least 6 to 8 hours a day to get the look you see. That shit just doesn’t happen.

Can your on-line training be used as a stand alone product?

A – There are a few hundred businesses that use our online training as a stand alone product and are very successful with it. Click here to earn more about our online training.

Is your training customized for each business you visit or is it a “cookie cut” format?

A – Although there are things that we train and put in place at each business we work with, at the same time, we will customize our training based on what we uncover once we visit your business and based on what our expert trainers deem appropriate. Click here to learn more about our in-store training.

Is your in-store training a onetime visit or do you offer follow-up visits too?

A – We offer both. The number of visits you will need is solely based on what you are trying to accomplish and based on the skill level of your staff. In addition, in between visits, our follow-up and interaction with you and your staff is unmatched. Click here to learn how to get scheduled for our training.

Does your training work with all brands?

A – Yes it does. It is not the brand that makes a difference, but the amount of support that we get from management and ownership that will. If you are willing to do what we recommend and hold your team accountable to do it, our success with you is practically guaranteed. Click here to learn more about our in-store training.