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Jeff Cowan Talking Service Advisor Training

Fixed Operations Training Programs

Get the Training You Need to Succeed as a Top Performing Service Advisor in Your Area

Did you know that it is possible to become a top earner as a Service Advisor in your area, making in excess of $100,000 per year? It’s true and the formula really isn’t that complicated.

Jeff Cowan has been helping Service Advisors, Service Managers, and entire Fixed Operations teams become highly effective in their roles, improving customer service scores and increasing revenue dollars in the service department. He does this with a very simple and proven training method. Check out our services for Onsite BDC Training, Online and Virtual Service Advisor Training, Onsite Service Advisor Training, and Much More.

Premium Onsite AutoMOTIVE SALES AND SERVICE Training For Service Advisors And Fixed Operations Emplyoees In The U.S.

At Pro Talk, our focus is on showing dealerships, service managers, service advisors and their support staff how to substantially increase their revenues, improve survey scores and excel in customer retention through time tested and proven sales processes.

Pro Talk has trained thousands of service employees in the art of selling, communication skills, customer service, customer retention and many other skills to ensure that service departments realize their maximum fixed operation goals.

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Get a lifetime skill set that every industry is looking for and enroll today.

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We achieve this through a combination of resources including online and onsite service sales training. Fill out our free consult form for more information about onsite service advisor training courses.

Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk is dedicated to optimizing the sales of your dealership using our management training programs. Whether you are looking to improve the sales of your service department, parts department, or your business as a whole; our team will be able to guide you through the process so that you reach the sales goals you’ve long yearned for.

Increase your Annual Service
Department Sales Numbers by
$400,000 and Beyond per Service Advisor...

USA, Canada, and Australia’s #1 Service Advisor Sales Training & Workshops

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Your Automotive Service Department Needs a Tune-up

Success is rarely an overnight affair, but our proprietary training and processes can and will work for your automotive organization to ensure long-term, sustainable returns.

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“It’s packaged well and the content is unbelievable and its something that we’re definitely going to implement.”

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“Probably one of the best presentations I’ve been to so far. It gets better and better as we go along.”