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Previously, I discussed the importance of customer retention, the types of companies that have it, and why they have it. Customer retention happens to those who never stop selling who and what they are.  Word tracks are the best and most effective tool to use to keep you selling who and what you are.

WORD TRACK: “Mr./Ms. Customer, I am glad that you came in today and I am glad that I get to work with you.  This being your first time in, let me tell you about who and what we are.  First and foremost, here is what I want you to know- I want you to know that I am a factory trained service advisor.  I have been trained by the factory to work on vehicles just like yours.  I will work on more vehicles like your today, than our competition will in the next thirty days combined.  I’ve been trained on what to look for, what to look at, and what questions to ask.  This allows me to make sure that when your vehicle enters our state of the art shop, it will get the right factory trained technician, which will ensure that your vehicle will be worked-on in the most efficient and economical way possible, saving you both time and money.  When we deliver your vehicle, you can rest assured that it will be safe, reliable, and economically sound.  By the way, Mr./ Ms. Customer, all our technicians are factory trained technicians.  What this means is that they are trained and continue to be trained by the manufacturer who made your vehicle.  They are constantly updated and trained on what to look for, what to look at, and how to execute a repair in the quickest, most economical way possible, saving you both time and money.  They will work on more vehicles like yours, that drive on the same roads and under the same conditions that you do, than our competition will in the next thirty days combined.  They are literally experts and the best at what they do.  Mr./ Ms. Customer, while they are doing it, know that every part they are using is factory designed and engineered.  These parts are built by the same people who built your vehicle.  This ensures that every part is a perfect fit.  We use only factory designed and manufactures parts because we know how they will perform and because they come with a factory full-warranty from the manufacturer.  In short, we only use the best because we believe that you and your vehicle deserve only the best.”If you are an independent or a chain store, substitute ASC certified for factory trained.  Substitute your company name for the manufacturer warranty. Talk about who builds your parts and why you feel they are the best.You will only need to make this presentation one time.  Once you have communicated this information to the customer, they will know that you deliver quality and that you are the best.You are going to say some combination of the following words at least thirty time per day to every customer, no matter how long you have been doing business with them:*factory trained technician* factory trained service advisor* factory designed and engineered parts* expertly trained service advisor* absolute best* ASC certifiedWhen you call customers to review you’re the findings associated with their vehicle, always start with:“Great news!  We discovered what the problem is and we can solve it!”Be proud.  Look for places to keep reminding the customer of your outstanding credentials.  Brag about your business, your co-workers, and your products.  Let everyone know that you are the absolute best!The number one reason why customer’s leave is because most service advisors never tell the customer that they are working with the absolute best. Customer retention has never been more critical than it is today.  There are over 110,000 places in America to take vehicles for service and repairs.  The only thing that will keep people coming back to do business with you, is YOU!  You must be professionally skilled and trained and the absolute best at what you do, and you must NEVER stop selling who and what you are.

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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