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What Is an Upsell and Why Does It Matter?

One of the fundamental aspects of closing deals, and driving up margins in any business is recognizing that sales is not just a job but equally an art. With over 30 years of experience, we at Pro Talk can tell you this maxim rings no truer than in the automotive service industry, where competition can be fierce and underperforming dealerships or shops are commonly edged out.  In practice, understanding the artistic side of sales can look like many things. Today we’ll place focus on just one of them: the upsell.

So What Is It?

In simple terms, upselling is a sales method that employs certain tactics and techniques to convince the customer to purchase a more premium version of a product or service.Its effective purpose is to maximize the revenue from each sale you make. Instead of wasting time and energy on leads that may or may not buy from you, you can target the users who are already ready to buy.This technique is used by firms all around the world, from brick-and-mortar to online retailers, coffee shops to online dating services, and it is highly effective in automotive service settings A golden rule of upselling is that you must offer extra value for the customer that is worth the extra cost. If that dynamic can be maintained, you only stand to gain.

Why Is It Important?

We could just say more revenue, and leave it at that, but such curtness wouldn’t be the Pro Talk way, nor would it shed light on all the valuable ways upselling can dramatically help your business at all levels.

Upselling on-line (e-shop) marketing concept. Sales technique for more profitable sale. Businessman draw growing profit graph thanks upselling.

Upselling Builds Relationships With Customers

By focusing on helping your customers win better value through premiums, upgrades or add-ons, you are focusing on their satisfaction. Your interest in their fulfillment as a client is arguably even more valuable than the service they may have come in for. In this sense, upselling is as much a customer happiness tactic as it is a revenue-generating one.

It Is Easy to Sell to a Customer That Is Already There

While we will never snub the value of generating new customers, why not optimize the sale to a customer who already trusts you?  It can be easier to do this with a client that purchased services from you in the past or is about to make a purchase now rather than with a client unfamiliar with your company.

It Is Proven to Increase Customer Retention Rates  

Upselling is unique in the way it adds value to customers that makes them want to come back for more. When a customer purchases an upgraded package or service and sees the benefits of the decision as well as the care you put into ensuring their satisfaction, they are more likely to return in the future.

Master Essential Sales Techniques With Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk

Looking to take your sales capabilities to the next level? Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk automotive service advisor workshops and training programs focus on upselling and much more, all to get your dealership on the top of the pack. We are the best destination for proprietary automotive sales information available anywhere. To learn how you can take your sales talents to the next level, call us today at 800-248-2931 or complete our online contact form.

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