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Basic Service Drive Selling Fundamentals

1.) Taking control – means putting yourself in control of the situation and guiding its outcomes. Taking control of selling means that you are prepared for the sales conversation by being prepared to guide the discussion. A sales discussion that is in control will be defined by certain factors that increase the probability of a sale.

2.) Pointing it out – Customers purchase services that they know about. Service advisors can increase sales by focusing on pointing out service opportunities to customers. Don’t miss sales because you don’t point it out. This means that problems identified in any inspection must be communicated to the customer so that they have the option of selecting that service and increasing sales. One example is the results of a multi-point inspection. Areas of wear and tear or areas in need of repair or replacement services are opportunities to point out a service opportunity. Many customers have reported that they did not make a purchase because they simply didn’t know about the problem and the recommended corrective action.

3.) You can’t tell how much money a customer has. You should never assume that a person does not have enough money to pay for additional services. If you try, it is likely that you will miss sales because of wrongful judgment. Don’t try to judge how much money a person has or how much they can or can’t spend.  It is impossible to try to tell how much money a person has or is willing to spend. This means to treat all potential customers equally in pointing out sales opportunities. Every customer must be perceived as a potential sales opportunity and the effort must be taken to point out service opportunities regardless of their appearance or demeanor.

4.) Always ask them to buy it – The last basic selling fundamental is to always ask the customer to buy it. Once you know that the customer is engaged and interested in the potential of a sale, it is a sales best practice to always ask the customer to buy it. Asking them to buy it also gives you the opportunity to help the customer get over any lingering emotional barriers for making the purchase.

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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