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This week’s podcast focuses on six pro tips for closing service like an industry leader.

Most service advisors can benefit from better closing that extends beyond simply asking for the customer’s money. By missing six areas of closing,

  1. Close them on coming in – You can’t sell customers something unless they are inside the service center. It is important to get them into the service center at a specific day and time. The first step in closing is getting them into a position to close a sale. This means that they must be inside the service center at a certain time to control the sales opportunity.
  2. Close them on allowing a presentation – Selling a customer also means that they need to get a service opportunity. Closing a service sale must include the customer allowing for the opportunity to be presented. To get into a position to ask for the customer’s money, they have to allow for you to present a service opportunity that they need.
  3. Close them on what you find during the inspection – A walk around or inspection will give you the opportunity to find areas of service need. Customers come into the service center with an understanding that their vehicle needs something. A good service advisor will use the information from an inspection to present them with a service opportunity. If you find that the customer can use better tires, then make sure that the problems from the inspection or walk around are given as findings to the customer so that they can decide on additional services.
  4. Close them on the time needed – Customers need to know that service will be efficient. The best way to get customers this knowledge is telling them exactly how much time will be needed for the service. This allows for customers to plan ahead and know that the recommended service won’t negatively influence their plans.
  5. Close them on inspection findings – The best service advisors will always rely on inspection results to present more service opportunities. Make sure that you invest in service advising to increase sales. Service advisors must rely on inspection findings to qualify additional service recommendations. Signing up for a workshop is a great way to invest in your service advisor’s performance.
  6. Close them on coming back – Customers want to feel welcome to the service center. By inviting them to come back, they will feel comfortable coming to the service center whenever they need it in the future.
Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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