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What is Automotive Service Advisor Sales Training?

A service advisor refers to an individual who works in a car dealership. Typically, the service advisor serves as a liaison between the service technicians and the customer working in the garage. The service advisor is responsible for working with customers to identify issues with the vehicle and providing the service technicians with good repair descriptions. Also, service advisors must greet customers, listen to requests, estimate costs, and schedule appointments. They also need to be responsible for conducting inspections, verifying insurance coverage, and test-driving vehicles.

Shall I Be a Service Advisor?

In general, the work environment for a service advisor depends on where they are employed. Car dealerships frequently use sales agents or automotive repair technicians to meet the service needs of their customers.

Individuals who are not certified as service technicians may struggle to find full-time employment working as a service advisor. Typically, service advisors who work full-time will spend a lot of their time in the office. However, they will also visit the repair shop on a regular basis.

What is Automotive Service Advisor Sales Training?

Post-secondary education is helpful for getting a job as a service advisor. However, in most cases, a college degree isn’t a requirement. Employers often prefer individuals with relevant training or previous experience working as a service advisor. Service advisors should have strong communications, customer service, and interpersonal skills. They should be comfortable solving problems and making decisions based on their ability to understand automotive technology. Service managers often use software that is industry-specific.

Prospective service advisors can begin their education by partaking in an Automotive Youth Education Service program in high school. In some cases, programs are provided in partnership with franchised dealership and automobile manufacturers. When a high school graduate completes the program, they are able to participate in entry-level technician positions or post-secondary automotive education.Automotive service advisor sales training is intended to train individuals and help them learn the skills necessary to become a service advisor. Entry-level automotive service advisors usually receive training that is on-the-job and supervised. Many private garages and dealerships offer automotive service advisor sales training.

You can participate in public and private workshops to learn skills applicable to the automotive industry and the service department. Jeff Cowan’s workshop attendees have been shown to have the highest scores when it comes to customer satisfaction, sales, and customer retention.

For more information about automotive service advisor sales training, don’t hesitate to contact us. Pick up your phone and make a call to reserve a seat and learn more about Jeff’s Public Workshops.

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