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What is Automotive Fixed Operations Sales Training?

What is Jeff Cowen’s Automotive Fixed Operations Sales Training?

Many auto service shops deploy under-trained, under-experienced people to act as customer service reps. They give them a uniform, a clipboard, and the goal of optimizing sales while assuring customer loyalty. Many of these service reps have just one or two ways of handling customer objections. But what if we told you there are dozens of highly effective ways to handle objections?

That’s just one of the things your team will learn with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk. Pro Talk is North America’s leading Automotive Fixed Operations Sales Training programs.

What is Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk?

Automotive business owners, investors, team leaders, dept heads, and salespeople in the automotive service industry are always looking for a competitive edge. Unfortunately, delivering top-quality products and services is not enough. To boost auto sales, enhance service opportunities, and develop great customer loyalty takes knowledge, attitude, and the skills to close the deal.Pro Talk offers the skills and the knowledge you and your team need to drive your sales margins up the chart. Pro Talk’s mission is to train you, your team, and support staff to accelerate revenues, boost survey scores and to achieve stellar customer retention. Pro Talk achieves this by imparting proven, field-tested sales tools and techniques that have been shown to close sales, win customers, and develop loyalty. Jeff’s program has helped thousands of automotive salespeople to master the art of sales through expert-level communication skills and service.

What Will I Get From Pro Talk?

Jeff Cowen’s on-site training service is the best way to arm your sales team with everything they need to put your business on overdrive. The on-site training program offers all of the following, and more;

  • Training in Jeff Cowen’s Complete Selling System
  • Live role-play sales practice with Expert Trainers
  • Specific techniques designed to raise customer retention by 80%
  • Learn how to get perfect customer survey scores
  • Learn to close 92% to 95% of all sales
  • Learn the 4-Point Vehicle Sales Walk Around
  • Reduce Write-ups to 7 Minutes or less
  • Learn to eliminate “heat cases”
  • Take control of the sale by asking diagnostic questions
  • Full sales Tech Toolbox training

Multiple Ways to Train & Learn With Pro Talk

Depending on your level of readiness, Pro Talk offers three ways to learn Jeff Cowen’s professional-grade sales-boosting tools and techniques. There’s the DVD training set, a comprehensive walkthrough of Jeff Cowen’s proven sales system. There’s the on-demand web series, which covers all of the tips and methodologies contained in the DVD series – and, of course, there’s the on-site training package With the on-site training, Jeff’s team will develop a customized training program for your team designed to motivate your local audience, work within your regional economy, culture, and automotive needs. The on-site sessions are a custom fit for your business model, your region, and your community. But most importantly, on-site, in-person training offers the highest learning bandwidth for permanently enhancing your sales team with unbeatable interpersonal sales skills. Get in touch today to learn more about Jeff Cowen’s revolutionary Automotive Fixed Operations Sales Training program.

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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