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Automotive Service Customer Retention

Customer retention is extremely important. Without customer retention, you have no business. Customer retention is best supported by sales staff that never stop selling! Master service advisors never stop selling who and what they are. The best service advisors use keywords and phrases to encourage better customer retention.

Word Tracks

Word tracks are key phrases that every great service advisor must know. For example, great service advisors will almost always say the following phrases to customers to increase sales, retention rates, and advance the highest customer service:- “I am a factory trained service advisor” – Let customers know that you have been trained to provide service for the specific vehicle that is just like theirs. It is important for customers to know that service advisors have vast experience servicing their exact vehicle make, model, and year.- “A factory trained technician will provide your service” – Customers get peace of mind knowing that the best service technician will be assigned to their vehicle to provide the most efficient and effective service.Continue to use word tracks when working with customers so that they know you are offering high-quality customer service.- “I have great news for you” – let customers know that you are helping them to solve a problem- Focus on strengths and let customers know that your vehicle service is the best.

Speak with Excitement & Let customers know you’re the Best

When speaking with customers, it is important to be exciting, joyful, and uplifting. Word tracks and key phrases are best used with a voice of excitement. Remember, great service advisors have “great news” because you are helping them to solve a problem. Your voice should show that you are proud to be the greatest service advisor on the planet. Let the world know that they are dealing with the best service center.

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