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Survey Scores on Vehicle Delivery Performance

When survey scores demonstrate issues with the delivery of the vehicle, it’s time to take corrective action. Most of the time vehicle delivery struggles happen because you’re rushed, they’re rushed, or you just aren’t doing it properly. To fix vehicle delivery problems, Jeff Cowan recommends a specific process of scheduling the delivery. By scheduling vehicle delivery ahead, service advisors have enough time to be thorough and customers feel more valued. The result is that customers are more loyal and continue to support your revenues on future vehicle purchases, maintenance services, and repairs.

Lack of Scheduling Leaves Everyone Feeling Rushed

One of the biggest problems in the industry are the people that “slip through the cracks” due to timing constraints and a lack of scheduling. When customer demand exceeds scheduling, the inevitable consequence will be vehicle delivery shortcomings. The entire point is to maintain control throughout the sales process while emphasizing the value of closing the deal strong with a high-quality vehicle delivery.

Scheduling the Delivery Gives you….

  1. Maintain control of the process
  2. Fits your schedule! – schedule vehicle delivery around the rush hour to redistribute the workload
  3. Gives you needed time – plan to have enough time so that you’re not rushed
  4. Gives the customer time to ask questions – plan ahead for these questions and spend enough time answering to make customers feel valued
  5. Displays commitment to customers – when you schedule a specific time for a customer, they feel valued knowing that the process is not being rushed.
  6. Instantly & significantly increases survey scores – when these numbers climb, customer retention also increases to support robust sales

Contact Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk to Schedule Your Next Service Advisor Training

The good news is that Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk offers several educational training opportunities for vehicle delivery issues including Automotive Service Advisor Training, Automotive Service Workshops, and Service Advisor Workshops to meet your needs as an individual service advisor or a dealership team. If you know that you have room for improvement in delivering the vehicle, training is the best opportunity to get you the knowledge that you need to be an industry sales leader.

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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