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Closing the customer – Sell Yourself First

Providing good service isn’t enough: The number 1 sale that you have to make is the sale of yourself. Every vehicle sale begins with how the customer feels about you as a sales professional. It’s just not enough to sell vehicles, services, or parts; we invite them back because we are interested in building a relationship with customers defined by ongoing sales and customer support.

Always Invite Customers Back

Closing customers after a sale should always end with an invitation that brings the customers back. At Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, I have found that using a couple word strategies with customers when closing the deal can be very effective at building relationships while opening the door for their return to the dealership as a loyal customer.

The Value of the Menu

The first vital step is to have a menu that is printed and handed to the customer. Even though we live in a high-technology world with new mobile technologies, a hard-copy menu that is handed to customers continues to be a point of customer-centered operations and gaining a competitive advantage. A physical menu that is handed to customers costs very little money and is an easy way to make a good impression.

Selling Preventative Maintenance Services Ahead

It is also recommended that when closing the deal the customer is handed a preventative maintenance schedule with current mileage given. This strategy helps with the invitation back as it shows the customer exactly where their vehicle is positioned in the maintenance interval and plants a seed for future service when the customer needs it. By discussing the future service opportunity when delivering the vehicle, the customer is already deciding to bring the vehicle back for service when needed in the future.

Customer Service Recommendations on Inviting them Back

  • Remember to always mention that the future service will likely require an entire day, so plan accordingly.
  • Recommend calling ahead to streamline the service process
  • Tell the customer to ask for you by name as a means of supporting relationship development
  • Sell customers on coming back by setting and exceeding expectations
  • Don’t surprise customers; tell them about future maintenance needs and sell them ahead of time
  • Try to schedule future maintenance months in advance
Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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