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How can we NOT find time for training?

This week’s podcast focuses on the importance of training and the value of expert training for sales professionals. Don’t get stuck in the busybody mindset that puts training on the back burner with the common excuse “I don’t have any time for training”; instead, find the time in your day with unrealized learning potential. Training is what makes the best “the best,” and is what separates the industry’s best in sales from those that continue to struggle.

Find Training Time Hidden in your Daily Schedule

There are many key opportunities in your schedule to absorb 15-minute training sessions. Here are several major opportunities to integrate training podcasts into your daily routine that will help you convert potential customers into repeat clients:

  1. Get up early – get up 15 minutes earlier to get training
  2. Working out – the perfect time to listen to a podcast is while you are in the gym or on your nightly walk around the neighborhood.
  3. Getting ready for work – listen to a training podcast as you get ready for your day; how much training can you access just listening while you get ready for work?
  4. During your commute – most people travel for 15 minutes to get to work. Instead of the morning news or listening to Led Zeppelin, consider using this time for a podcast training
  5. During your lunch break –
  6. Driving Home – 15 minutes on the way to work and 15 minutes driving home equals 30 minutes of vital sales performance training every single day.

It’s Easy to Sprinkle Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk podcast training into your Daily Routine

If your daily schedule is anything like mine, there are numerous 15-minute gems hidden in your schedule that serve as a potential training opportunity. Maximize your day and improve your sales conversion potential by sprinkling Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk podcasts into your daily routine.

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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