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Understanding the New Customer

Prior to 2008, I had only made two major changes to the content in my materials. Since 2008, I have made nine major changes to my content. The reason is that today’s customer is evolving quickly. There is a new customer mind-set. They are well-informed, willing to buy, and agreeable to making all the repairs necessary, because the fact is, they are going to keep their vehicles for a very long time. Things to understand about the new customer:

  1. New customer needs their vehicle. A working vehicle means freedom. A broken car means interrupted freedom.
  2. New customer depends on their vehicle to accomplish everything that needs doing in their day. In modern society, getting to work, taking kids to school, going to the doctor, getting to activities, and shopping, all hinge on having a working vehicle.
  3. New customer is more willing than ever to invest in their vehicle. Their vehicle is the second most expensive thing they own. Maintaining their vehicle is the safest way to insure maximum return on investment. Today, machines are a very significant part of people’s lives. New customer understands this. Computers and cell phones have single-handedly changed the way people go about their day. When those machines don’t work, people are paralyzed. Vehicles are machines and people understand that without a working vehicle at their disposal, they are stranded. Everything stops. Now that machines are such a major part of our lives, the maintenance of machines is universally understood to be a necessary expense.
  4. New customer will let other items slip, in order to keep their car working properly. Their vehicle takes priority over their house. It was once explained to me that people can sleep in their car, but they can’t drive their house.
  5. New customer is smart. They have instant access to information. They know what they need, how much it’s going to cost, and how long it’s going to take to make the repair.
  6. New customer will not be a “lay-down”. When you show them things they are not prepared for, they are going to resist. This is tricky because they are smart. They are reluctant to buy because they have been burned before. Burned by shady deals, false advertising, dishonest media, and a bad economy. Fight for it! Here is where the word tracks will carry you through.
  7. New customer is going to keep their current vehicle longer than they ever have. The average age of a vehicle on the road today is 11 years-old. Customer’s know that if they maintain their vehicle, they are going to get 100 -150,000 miles on that vehicle, no problem, and many will easily drive their cars to 200,000 miles, or more.

This is great news for us because we are in the service industry! The more miles they put on their vehicle, the more maintenance they will need, and the more money we are going to make!

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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