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Kia Service Advisor Training

Kia has successfully penetrated the U.S. market as evidenced by the company’s sales growth in recent years. With Kia focused on increasing sales before profits, the company shows an understanding that higher sales volume will lead to higher profitability. The result of Kia’s focus on selling more vehicles as a source of competitive advantage is that there will also be an increase in the demand for Kia maintenance and repair services as more Kia vehicles flood the roads in the upcoming years.

Why Invest in Kia Service Advisor Training?

Will your Kia Service Center be ready to take advantage of this growing market with unsurpassed Service Advisor performance? At Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, we know from years of experience in the automotive service industry that the best way of securing a competitive advantage for your service center is with Service Advisor Training. We provide tailored training opportunities ready to meet the unique needs of your Kia service center. From on-site training with a service advisor expert to virtual online training, Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk is guaranteed to have the perfect training opportunity for the Service Advisors in your Kia Service Center.

What Can Kia Service Advisor Training do for my Service Center?

The discussion regarding how your Kia Service Center will benefit from Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk training can begin with your current conversion rate – if you are currently experiencing a conversion rate less than 70%, a workshopon-site training, or virtual online training can improve that metric to record-setting levels. At the heart of improvement is knowledge sharing through experiential learning. Our on-site training leverages the power of hands-on experiential learning, coaching, and critiquing techniques proven to maximize knowledge sharing from our experts to your Kia Service Advisors. Our proven training methodology can benefit your service center in a variety of ways:

  • Improves customer satisfaction scores
  • Improves repeat service purchases
  • Improves new vehicle sales for the dealership
  • Increased revenues & profitability
  • Improves employee satisfaction and retention
  • Supports a customer-service oriented service center
Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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