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Hyundai Service Advisor Training

Hyundai has grown increasingly attractive to middle-income families seeking value in their vital source of transportation. Hyundai has experienced significant growth in the car segment as evidenced by the sales of cars and SUVs, including the Accent, Elantra, Sonata, i20 & Santa Fe. As the demand for Hyundai cars and SUVs grows, so will the need for maintenance and repair services. Is your Hyundai Service Center optimized to take advantage of this trend?

Hyundai Service Advisor Onsite Training

Being ready to provide unsurpassed customer service for this growing demand will require an ever-improving performance among Hyundai Service Advisors. Given the market factors, Hyundai Service Advisor Training is an excellent means of securing a competitive advantage. The perfect time to prepare your Hyundai Service Advisors with pertinent Training is now! Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk offers an extensive selection of Hyundai Service Advisor Training opportunities, including Onsite TrainingWorkshops, and Virtual Online Training. We offer a variety of training platforms to meet the unique needs of your Hyundai service center.

Hyundai Service Advisor Training Improves Sales Conversion Rates

Our mission at Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk is to provide service centers with unsurpassed Service Advisor Training that translates into higher sales, customer retention, and profitability. By training the service advisors that represent your service center and drive its sales volume, you can achieve higher customer conversion rates, better customer satisfaction scores, break service revenue records, and achieve higher profitability for your service center. If you are currently experiencing a sales conversion rate below 70% in your Hyundai Service Center, we invite you to take advantage of a Hyundai Service Advisor Training that takes your service center to the next level.

Invest in your Hyundai Service Center with On-Site Service Advisor Training

At Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, we offer Service Advisor Training ready to meet the unique needs of every Hyundai service center. We have highly skilled on-site trainers with vast experience providing Hyundai service advisors with in-store training. Our training advantage is through experiential learning techniques that invite Hyundai Service Advisors to engage in role-playing, active learning, and coaching to maximize skills acquisition. We know from years of experience providing Service Advisor Training that our On-site training method is one of the best ways to share knowledge because it supports successful real-life implementation. Since our training methods are proven to translate into a successful operational change for your Service Center, it is a tremendous opportunity to invest in the future.

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan has been helping automotive dealerships & service centers Succeed for over 35 years.

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