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Episode 24- Pay Attention to Detail

This week, Jeff discusses another common mistake that service advisors make: not paying attention to detail! This point falls in line with following the process, ensuring accuracy every time, and not skipping any steps. Whether you make a written list of details, keep a manual handy, or refresh your memory every day before you step…

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Episode 23- Don’t Coupon Yourself Out of Business!

This week, Jeff covers two more mistakes that service advisors make: They avoid the low mileage customers and they misuse coupons! First, low mileage customers are sometimes the best customers in the long run, simply due to your rapport, honesty, and integrity as their salesperson! Second, don’t make the mistake of couponing yourself out of…

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Episode 22- The Next Visit Technique

This week, Jeff visits yet another common mistake that service advisors make: not asking for future business! Future business requires the advisor to not only sell the service, but also sell themselves! The most effective way to do this is by using the proven techniques: The Next Visit and The Proactive Next Visit. Both word…

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Episode 21- YOU Owe It To Yourself!

This week, Jeff discusses arguably the biggest mistake advisors make- not giving it their all! Are you part of the 80% that goes to work, waves behind the desk, doesn’t walk around every car, or simply has your lazy days? This message is for you! Dealers, managers, principals, advisors, this message will hit home for…

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Episode 20- Follow the Process!

This week, Jeff continues with another common mistake that service advisors make- not following the processes! Whether they are implemented by your manager or your dealership, they are there for a reason! Don’t be lazy, follow the process, and maximize your potential on the service drive! Copyright 2018 Wm. Jeff Cowan Website: automotiveservicetraining.com Write Service…

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Episode 19- Manage Your Success

This week, Jeff discusses another common mistake that service advisors make: not being prepared! When you manage your success using the sales worksheet, you become more prepared for the day ahead! Tune in for the proven process to manage success, prepare for your day, and plan for the maximum amount of opportunity on your service…

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Episode 18- The Most Common Mistakes That Service Advisors Make

This week marks the start of a new series! Jeff is discussing the most common mistakes that service advisors make. Over the next few weeks, he will discuss how to prevent those mistakes, why they can hurt your career, and how to combat them in order to maximize your success! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan

Episode 17- The Multi-Point Inspection

This week, Jeff covers one of the most common and requested topics in service today- The Multi-Point Inspection. He will give insight on if your drive should have one, how to present it, how to utilize it, and the benefits of doing it properly! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan

Episode 16- The No Rush System

What is the best way to implement training to your team? Simple; The No-Rush System! This week, Jeff discusses how to implement training without rushing through it. Training is not something you DID, training is something you DO! This episode is a must watch for managers and dealers looking to implement training in the most…

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Episode 15- Buy A Suit Technique!

This week, Jeff covers the most asked question from service advisors: “How do I get the up-sell before my customer’s car gets in the shop?” Well it’s easy! The Buy-A-Suit Technique is the absolute best technique to let your customer know that they’re in the right place, at the right time, with the person who…

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