In-Person “Winning in Service” Las Vegas Sep 13th & 14th, 2023 (Per Rooftop)


Per Rooftop

This is for the in-person Experience. If you’re interested in the live stream, instead, follow this link.

Attendees to Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk workshops average a 5-10 increase in customer-paid repair orders, substantially increase their customer retention, and find themselves in the top 7% in the country with their customer survey scores by simply using Jeff’s proven methods.

You will be contacted within 48 hours by the Pro Talk office with information on how to get prepared for this event.


In the Winning in Service Workshop
attendees will learn how:

  • Build relationships with your clients
  • Get Effective Labor Rate above 90%
  • Earn near-perfect to-perfect survey scores
  • Get Customer Retention above 80%
  • Deliver a Customer Paid Repair Order Average of 2.5 and or 3.5 for Highline vehicles
  • Eliminate disgruntled customers forever

Two ways to experience it:

  • Live in-person in Las Vegas, NV,
  • Via Live Stream directly to your business.

Event Agenda

  1. Real Numbers.
  2. Wake Up and Dream.
  3. The Essence of Service Advising.
  4. Know Your Customer.
  5. Word Track Myths and Facts.
  6. The 6 Areas of Closing.
  7. The Truth About Technology.
  8. Customer Retention.
  9. Sounding Like a Professional Salesperson.
  10. The Most Important Basic Selling Fundamentals.
  11. The Professional Approach and Greeting.
  12. Asking Diagnostic Questions.
  13. Solving Primary Concerns.
  14. Building Rapport.
  15. The 4-Point Walk Around.
  16. The Invitation Technique.
  17. Closing Your Customers on Allowing You to Make the Presentation.
  18. Selling Service Advisor.
  19. The 6-Step Presentation.
  20. Closing your Customer on the needed time.
  21. Service and Repair versus Service and Retail.
  22. The Art of Selling from Displays.
  23. Closes That Work on Any Service Drive.
  24. Presenting the MPI.
  25. Scheduling the Vehicle Delivery.
  26. The Next Visit.
  27. A real Training Program Requires.
  28. Sales Manage Your Success.
  29. Follow Up with your Customers.
  30. The Value of the Process.
  31. How to Create a Consistent Workflow.
  32. Quick Tips to Earning over $100,000 Annually.
  33. What Training Does for You.
  34. Goal Setting.
  35. What’s in it for Me?
  36. What is at Stake?
  37. Closing Comments.

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