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Are survey scores are dragging your service department down?

How to Earn Perfect Survey Scores

While many things come and go in your fixed operations, one highly important metric that has always been important are Customer Satisfaction Survey Scores.

From day one, over three decades ago, Jeff understood the importance of survey scores and the serious impact they have on your business. Therefore, Jeff created processes, methods, and techniques that, when used, ensure that you get near- perfect to perfect survey scores and eliminate disgruntled customers forever.

Clients that use Jeff’s methods find that they get to and stay at the top of their district, region and nation. Whether you are an individual, a single point operation, any size automotive dealership group, or a manufacturer, Jeff can and will show you how to take the lead quickly and easily in all survey categories.

In addition to working with manufacturers like Nissan, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda, Jeff has worked with many dealership groups and thousands of individuals to help them reach the top.

If your survey scores are dragging your service department down, and costing you both customers and gross profit, fill out the form here to schedule a call with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, Inc. and get on the path today to being the best in customer satisfaction.

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