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Write Service Podcast: The “New Normal” Part 2

Write Service Podcast: The “New Normal” Part 2

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Do we as an industry really want to go back to the old normal? Wouldn’t it be better to stand up and finally take control of these departments? Wouldn’t you be better off creating a new normal and a department that is highly efficient, highly profitable, and one that delivers a truly world class experience for your customers? Isn’t it time to stop the lip-service and eliminate the excuses? Isn’t it time to roll up your sleeves and finally make things happen? This virus has giving you the perfect opportunity to establish a new normal that can be outstanding. This new normal can create a business environment where everyone wins. This week, Jeff discusses what that may look like.

At the heart of any dealership’s success and sustainability are vehicle sales as well as closing on a high number of maintenance and repair service opportunities. If you are interested in growing repair and maintenance service sales, you’ve arrived at the perfect opportunity.