Sears, Amazon, and The History of The Auto Industry

Sears, Amazon, and The History of The Auto Industry

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Onsite Dealership Sales Training

Battling Giants of The Auto Industry

When you read headlines that announced how Carvana sold 177,549 used vehicles in 2019 and became the third-largest seller of used vehicles in the United States, it got your attention. When you read that Tesla is projecting to sell 500,000 vehicles in 2020, it got your attention. Anything Amazon does seems to turn to gold and that certainly grabs your attention. These kinds of headlines and information have caused business owners to ask, “Should we go online with our products?” “Should we eliminate our personnel and structure our business to an online format?” These are great questions and ones you should be asking. But before you answer, let’s take a look at retail and sales history. This may just help you find the answers you are looking for.

At the heart of any dealership’s success and sustainability is vehicle sales, as well as closing on a high number of car maintenance and automotive repair service opportunities. If you are interested in growing repair and maintenance service sales, you have arrived at the perfect opportunity for onsite dealership sales training.

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