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Are You a “But” Person?

Are You a “But” Person?

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Are you a “but” person? I find that most people are. What’s really important is to identify what type of “but” person you are. Are you the type of “but” person whose “buts” keep you on your butt or do your “buts” get you off your butt? In the end, you can either keep butting your head against the wall, experiencing the effects of being a lazy butt and the butt of jokes on your sales team. Or, you can take control of your “buts” and put your butt at the top of the sales charts. Will you seek guidance and automotive sales training.

At the heart of any dealership’s success and sustainability is vehicle sales, as well as closing on a high number of car maintenance and automotive repair service opportunities. If you are interested in growing repair and maintenance service sales, you have arrived at the perfect opportunity.

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