Unite, Celebrate the Fourth of July

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Fourth of July Jeff Cowan

This Fourth of July, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, and enjoy all that our great nation has to offer.

The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it.  It takes place at a perfect time of year and it is an important reminder of just how lucky we are to be from the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America.

As I have stated many times, I am a student of United States history and, in particular, Presidential history. Since this is a presidential election year, this Fourth of July is particularly poignant.  We are a divided nation and our candidate choices are less than perfect.  Many feel that we are doomed with either candidate. Many have said that on Election Day they are going to tune out – not vote. Experts are predicting that the lack of voter confidence on either side of the isle is going to result in record low voter-turn-out.  I think this tragic, un-American and downright dangerous. Our nation is at a crossroads and, in my opinion, there are three major issues facing us:

  1. The Economy – The economy is on shaky ground. The next president is going to determine the direction of our recovery.  Our economy will either make a turn toward prosperity or it will head toward irreversible failure.
  2. Homeland Security – World events tell us all that we are in a very dangerous world with evil lurking everywhere. Again, the next president will be faced with the daunting task of either defeating the inventors of these acts of terror or standing by as things spiral into creating a world that in many ways will be unrecognizable to us.
  3. Divided Nation – Our nation is the most divided that I have experienced in my life time. A nation divided cannot stand strong. The next president will either unite us or divide us.  The result will be glorious or devastating.


It is not unusual for a new president to face one major issue upon taking office.  Our next president will have three critical issues to address, our very way of life hangs in the balance.   So how do you choose right person? History.  The answers lie in our nation’s history.  Nothing is going on today that we have not faced in the past.  Selecting a president will be a whole lot easier if you take a look at our history and our past presidents.

I have learned through the many books that I have read that our Fore Fathers wanted us to be a caring and giving nation.  Take George Washington for example, every winter during the revolutionary war, both sides would put the war on hold due to the harsh weather and impossible fighting conditions.  The Continental Army, our army, would go to Valley Forge.  At Valley Forge the conditions were deplorable. There were barely enough tents, food, clothing, and shoes. Commander George Washington could have gone back to his wife, Martha and his home at Mount Vernon and lived like a king and few would have blamed him. Instead, he camped with his men in the same horrible conditions.  In addition, Martha Washington not only left the comfort of Mount Vernon during this time, but she stayed with George and the men.  She cooked and made clothing for the soldiers.  They were very caring people.  They cared for others who had much less.  They made willing sacrifices for the sake of their fellow countrymen.

I have also learned that the fathers of our nation expect us to fight for what is right, what is ours, and for our way of life. In 1864 Lincoln ultimately gave his own life to protect the values of our nation.   Again, eighty years later, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt laid it all on the line in WW 2 throwing in everything we had as a nation to fight not one, but two wars with two different enemies at the same time.  Enemies that wanted to not only change, but destroy our way of life.

Our Founding Fathers and every strong president that followed realized that in order for freedom to survive, clear vision and decisive action needed to be taken.

History shows us that when America is strong and healthy, the rest of the world is safer and more prosperous. Our founding fathers knew that sometimes we as a nation would have to put ourselves first and stand on the side of what is right and just,  even if that meant that we had to stand alone.  Intimately, the Founding Fathers believed that the American way of life and the freedom that is enjoyed by all its citizens was the best way of life and that by staying our course, the world would join with us, as many nations have.

This election is one election where we should put what is best for the individual aside and focus on what is best for the nation. To help you uncover which of the candidates is best suited for this monumental task you owe it to yourself and your country to study our history.

When looking into our rich history you need not read volumes.  With the internet, you can spend 30 minutes on each subject and gain meaningful understanding of the issues.   Look at the character, principles and belief systems of past presidents. Like today, you will learn that several of these presidents were seen as very dangerous for our country prior to the election. Lincoln was a compromise-president that many thought was a buffoon and would be kicked out of office within his first year.  Barely six months later, nearly everyone had changed their minds and saw the great man that he was.

Reagan was seen as merely an aged actor that would create the downfall of the American way as we knew it.  Instead he put our biggest rival, the USSR and communism, out of business and reunited Europe and his homeland.  Jackson too was seen as a very dangerous leader heading into the presidency, yet he has resided on the twenty dollar bill since 1928 – ever wonder why?

The United States of America needs a leader.  A leader that will ensure that our country and our way of life survives.  This election is not about the individual.  It is about the collective group. I believe that if we can set aside our selfishness for just this one vote and vote for the country, we will rise to great heights once again.

This Fourth of July, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, and enjoy all that our great nation has to offer. Then ask yourself, who is the candidate based on character, that will deliver what we need as a nation to ensure that our children and the many generations to come, can have the same opportunity and fun on the many Fourth of Julys yet to come. Don’t ignore this vote or this election.  This is possibly the most an important election of the century. For the sake of all of us, show up and vote.  This is no time to sit it out because you don’t like the choices.  Thousands have sacrificed their lives to give you the right to vote.  Voting is one of those things that you won’t miss until it’s gone and believe me, as world history shows us, our rights can be taken away in the blink of an eye and chaos can prevail.   Let’s look back to our past and build our future. The answers are all right in front of us if we take the time to find them.  Do your homework and do what is right.  That is what our Founding Fathers would expect us to do. So this Fourth of July, lets honor our nation’s past by planning and building a great future. Prepare to vote smart.

God bless you all, God bless the fourth of July, and God bless the United States of America!



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