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Service Managers Tips

Service Managers: 6 Tips for Best Service Year Ever

Service Managers, as the tide rolls out on 2015 and we look ahead to the new incoming tide of 2016, it is time we sit down and start to plan for what I believe will be a record year for service department sales. I have witnessed many service managers and service departments experiencing their best…

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Dealership Service Department

Service Advisors & Walk Arounds

Why Walk-Arounds are Necessary for Service Advisors It starts with the service drive. When a customer arrives at your service drive, they immediately begin to assess who you are and what level of service you deliver.  Nothing escapes their eyes; cleanliness, organization, wait time, efficiency, friendliness, willingness, knowledge, helpfulness and product displays – just to…

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Steps for better sales

Steps for Creating a Sales Culture in Your Service Department

“We want to create a sales team and sales culture in our Service Department but don’t know where to start.” A great question that actually has a fairly easy answer and solution for your service department.  Below I will outline the steps to make this happen, but before I do, here are three simple rules…

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Develope a Sales Mentality

6 Steps to Develop a True Sales Mentality

How to develop a TRUE sales mentality? In order to develop a true sales mentality, service managers need to work on their sales instincts; here is a road map to improvement. There was a time when we at PRO TALK would visit a dealership, train the service advisors and expect to achieve desired results. That…

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Dealership Service Departments

Dealership Service Departments: Stop Playing the Blame Game

Attention Dealership Service Departments Ducking responsibility is widespread in dealership service departments, but ending this bad habit is critical to success. In my work, I constantly observe a “What can you do for me?” attitude, and it is not just generational. I encounter leaders who place the responsibility for success solely upon their staff s, with a “You owe me” attitude.…

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