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Service Advisors & Walk Arounds

Why Walk-Arounds are Necessary for Service Advisors It starts with the service drive. When a customer arrives at your service drive, they immediately begin to assess who you are and what level of service you deliver.  Nothing escapes their eyes; cleanliness, organization, wait time, efficiency, friendliness, willingness, knowledge, helpfulness and product displays – just to…

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Steps for better sales

Steps for Creating a Sales Culture in Your Service Department

“We want to create a sales team and sales culture in our Service Department but don’t know where to start.” A great question that actually has a fairly easy answer and solution for your service department.  Below I will outline the steps to make this happen, but before I do, here are three simple rules…

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Develope a Sales Mentality

6 Steps to Develop a True Sales Mentality

How to develop a TRUE sales mentality? In order to develop a true sales mentality, service managers need to work on their sales instincts; here is a road map to improvement. There was a time when we at PRO TALK would visit a dealership, train the service advisors and expect to achieve desired results. That…

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Dealership Service Departments

Dealership Service Departments: Stop Playing the Blame Game

Attention Dealership Service Departments Ducking responsibility is widespread in dealership service departments, but ending this bad habit is critical to success. In my work, I constantly observe a “What can you do for me?” attitude, and it is not just generational. I encounter leaders who place the responsibility for success solely upon their staff s, with a “You owe me” attitude.…

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