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New Cities JUST ADDED! 2018: 6-Step Road to Service Department Success Tour

Contact us at 800-248-2931 to get registered today! Jeff is THE expert on getting your staff bought in, excited, and following proven processes. He will show them how to get an instant 5/10ths increase in HPRO, perfect survey scores, eliminate heat, and get customer retention above 85%! BONUS CONTENT JUST ADDED FOR FALL 2018: 20…

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Navigating the Holiday Season- Sales Tips!

Navigating the Holiday Season How to make the holiday months great for business Many in sales worry that the holiday season is a slow time for business.  How do you prepare for that?  Well, I know plenty of service drives that experience their best months of year during the holidays. If you are having success,…

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Assess, Train, Manage, Succeed! *New Product Alert*

We will send out our expert trainers to assess your service department, train your advisors and managers, manage your customers expectations, and watch the results happen! Expect a 5/10ths increase in HPRO, perfect survey scores, and customer retention above 80% within 9 months! *GIVEAWAY included- Watch the Full Video for details!

2018 Spring Workshop Tour!

6 Step Road to Service Department Success: Jeff will show your people how to get PERFECT survey scores, customer retention above 80%, and increase your sales by 5/10ths HPRO! If you are only going to one training class this year, THIS is the one you cannot afford to miss!

Service Department Training

How to Create a Bold Automotive Service Department and Increase Sales

Great Tips for Service Departments, Service Advisors, and Service Managers So you have been in business for a while and you’ve built a name. It’s a name that draws customers in to your service department like bees to honey. The problem is, your business is drawing in more customers than you can handle. You have volume, but…

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Best tips for hiring

Best tips for finding, hiring, training, and people who do not suck.

Best tips for hiring Ever wonder what are the best tips for hiring? More times than I care to admit, I have had to listen to managers and leaders complain about their people. They tell me about how their people can’t do this or that. They lament about how their people will not do this or…

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Prepare for a Bad Economy – A Recession is Coming

A recession is coming, learn how dealerships will survive the bad economy. I don’t like talking gloom and doom when it comes to dealing with a bad economy. On a personal level, I work very hard to be upbeat, to see the positives, and to stay focused on what is good. That said, as a…

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Automotive Dealer-Vendor Relationships

How to Avoid Pitfalls in the Automotive Dealer-Vendor Relationship

I recently attended a few conventions where I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many automotive product vendors and automotive dealer principals. Often, the conversations revolved around relationship-building between the two. When asked, both the vendors and the dealers agreed that the most important thing in any business relationship is the relationship itself. Both…

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Best Ever Sales Tip for Salespeople

Best Ever Sales Tip for Dealerships

Best Ever Sales Tip – They are called “Cell” phones, not “Sell” phones! Do you want a “Best Ever Sales Tip” for your salespeople? Here’s one, put your cell phone away. Personal cell phone calls and texting while on the job has gotten out of hand. Even taking business calls and texts are rude if…

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